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Q: My toilet gurgles even when it has not been flushed

A: There is probably a blockage. Get in touch with a drainage contractor or local builder/handyman.

Q: I have a blocked drain and my neighbours tell me they have a blockage as well

A: It could be that you are on a shared system. You should contact Anglian Water or Essex and Suffolk Water (see contact details our links page here>> ) and follow their advice.

If you know you are not connected to a main sewer then you should get together with your neighbours and contact a drainage contractor or local builder for help.

Q: What types of drain pipe are in use?

A: You can find examples of drain pipe types here>>.

Q: What problems can occur in a drain?

A: You can see a sample of drain damage here>>

Q: I've heard about Structural Lining system to repair drains. How does that work?

A: You can see the system of Structural Lining here>>

Q: How often does my septic tank need emptying?

A: We would suggest that the tank is de-sludged at least twice a year.

Q: Can I use bleach in my septic tank?

A: Bleach and other strong chemicals can kill off the bacteria that help a septic tank work. Use any of these chemicals sparingly and look for “septic tank friendly” varieties when you buy such chemicals.

Further Drainage Guidance can be found in this document prepared by Norfolk County Council Here>>